The aims of the Panel are to consider and promote ways to reduce the risk of injury and loss within the
leisure industry and promote consistency in operations and regulation. In order to do this, the Panel will:

  1. Actively discuss risk concerns raised by Panel members and speculate potential solutions.
  2. Obtain accident and loss data from within the industry including such submitted by, or obtained from; individual organisations, enforcement and the HSE (RIDDOR) and claims data.
  3.  Analyse such data and draw conclusions on potential risk reduction approaches which will include:
    • reviewing relevant standards and guidance to identify potential change.
    • bringing suggestions for change to the relevant owner of such standards and guidance.
    • sharing the findings of such analysis with businesses within the leisure industry to reduce the risk of injury or loss and with other organisations that will make decisions on liability and actions.
  4.  Be available to provide advice on industry standards to Insurance markets and Legal Teams.
  5.  Discuss interpretation of existing and new legislation/guidance and advise relevant parties as deemed appropriate.
  6.  Only share information generated by the Panel with a wider audience if the methods and content are agreed by all members.Type your paragraph here.

Aims of the lep