​​​​​The Leisure Expert Panel Conference held its third conference in November 2017, bringing together 150 of the UK’s leading experts and speakers in our sector at the Aviva Auditorium in London.  The audience were guided through a mock trial examining the role of the expert witness along with the country’s leading Health and Safety lawyers and Regulators who acted as the Defence and Prosecution.

The conference also included speakers discussing the tragic incidents of 2017 such as Grenfell and the Terror Attacks, understanding how this can affect the Leisure industry and what Leisure operators can do to protect their people and premises.
The conference was then concluded by the highly engaging and inspiring Kenton Cool who is a leading British mountaineer. His fascinating story of going from a wheelchair to the summit of Mount Everest left the audience wanting to know much more. In 2018, he is climbing the world's three highest peaks one after another, in three months, thus amassing his 13th summit of Mount Everest during the challenge. 

Pictures from the event below and video montage here

the LEP conference 2017